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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Orren Alperstein, President

Trained in publishing and marketing, and currently a teacher of special needs preschool children, Orren is a founder and current president of the Canavan Foundation. As the mother of a child born with Canavan disease, she knows first hand the challenges that come with caring for, and losing, a child to the disease. These experiences inform her work as president of the foundation, inspiring her to work to both prevent and cure Canavan disease.  Watch the video of Orren and her husband Seth Gelblum talking about their experiences with Canavan disease.  


Pat HirschhornPat Hirschhorn, Vice President

In 1992, when the Canavan Foundation was formed, Pat made a commitment to work on behalf of widespread screening for Canavan disease, and she has been true to that commitment ever since. As co-chair of the benefit committee Pat has used her considerable organizational skills to help the foundation's annual theater benefits run smoothly and efficiently.


Ellen Metzger

Ellen Metzger, Secretary

Ellen is a corporate and securities attorney specializing in investment management law.   At the time that Ellen  joined the Board in 2008, she and her husband had been Canavan Foundation supporters for almost seventeen years, almost since the beginning.   She says that she has “always had the greatest admiration for the Foundation and the work it does.”


Lois NeufeldLois Neufeld, Vice President

A past president of the Canavan Foundation, Lois has been a member of the Board since 2002. A tireless advocate for carrier screening, in 2005 Lois co-founded the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium, of which the Canavan Foundation is a member, to expand efforts to educate at-risk communities about all the diseases more prevalent in the Jewish community.


Seth Gelblum

Seth Gelblum

Seth is an entertainment lawyer practicing primarily in the theater. He is a founder of the Canavan Foundation with his wife, Orren Alperstein, who is president of the foundation. Their daughter Morgan was afflicted with Canavan disease and that experience has led them to do everything they can to help others avoid the great sadness caused by this disease.  Watch the video of Seth and his wife Orren Alperstein talking about their experiences with Canavan disease.


Deedy GoldstickDeedy Goldstick, Treasurer

Touched by the diagnosis of Morgan Gelblum in 1991, and moved as a result to dedicate herself to the prevention of Canavan disease, Deedy Goldstick has been an unflagging worker for the cause of genetic screening for over 21 years and a member of the Board since the start of the Canavan Foundation in 1992. Deedy performs many functions, including being Co-chair of the annual theater benefit and Treasurer of the Foundation.


Beth Zuriff

Beth Zuriff

One of Beth Zuriff's earliest New York memories is a Canavan screening at Mount Sinai hospital in 1995, soon after she and husband Laurence moved from Washington, D.C. A long-term supporter, along with her husband, of the Foundation, Beth joined the board four years ago, citing her feeling that this is a particularly promising time in the field of genetics: “We’re entering a new era of testing combined with genetic technology,” Zuriff says, “which presents the chance to reach a generation just entering their reproductive years. These days it's becoming much more mainstream to think about genetics. Every woman about to get pregnant buys What to Expect When You're Expecting, and starts taking vitamins. Genetic testing lets her cross one more thing off her list of worries.”


In Memoriam

Arnold Alperstein

Eileen Alperstein

Rosalind Poss Rosen