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Resources & Support

Resources and Support - At A Glance

If you’re thinking of having children and don’t know your carrier status, we encourage you and your partner to be screened, even if you have no family history of genetic disease. You may want to start with Talking to Your Doctor or   Genetic Counselor on Screening and   A Couple Who Was Screened.  If you’re not sure where to go for screening, go to Where Is Screening Done.

If you know you’re a carrier and want to have children, you should start with Options for Carriers and   A Genetic Counselor on Options. To find a genetic counselor, click here

If you have a child affected by Canavan disease, you can find support services here.  You may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.  We have posted a downloadable overview of Social Security Disability benefits and the application process.

If you’re a rabbi, cantor or other clergy person, visit the special section For Rabbis and Other Clergy where we give you questions to ask and points to cover in premarital counseling, and brochures and other downloads.  You should also watch   Rabbi Diana Gerson.

If you’re a healthcare professional, visit the special section section For Medical Professionals where we discuss the importance of identifying at-risk patients and offer brochures, downloads and journal articles you’ll find useful.

If you want to support the work of the Canavan Foundation and help us spread the word about the importance of preconception carrier screening, click here